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Charlie Corcoran

An accomplished caller is very adaptable, with many years of experience and a wide repertoire of dances. Regularly calls with Bellows, Scratchitt and Pluckitt (http://bellows.org.uk) and the Navigation Band (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/david.maybe/n2/band.htm) as well as with recorded music if required.
Phone: 07919914278

Roy Garrington

Caller for Barn Dances, Ceilidhs & Dances for experienced dancers, weekends of dance & festivals. All levels of ability catered for. Recorded or live music provided as required.
Phone: 0116 2418313 (H) or 07946 440580 (M)

Laz Gilbert

Caller for Barn Dances and English Ceilidh; see www.myspace.com/lazgilbert
Phone: 07774412061

John McDonald

Also known as “Maca the Caller”. A freelance caller who works with several first class bands and also with recorded music. Believes in people having fun, rather than getting the steps just right
See www.barn-dance-caller.co.uk; phone: 07786 168 052

Alison Riggall

Calls with Tenpenny Bit. Has worked with many other bands. Specialises in ensuring beginners have a wonderful experience. Can also call in French - popular for twinning events
Phone: 01509 821044

Geoff Weston

Caller for English, Scottish and International dances, or a mixture of all three.
phone: 0116 2858352

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