dance Display Teams in Leicestershire and Rutland

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Anker Morrismen

(Men’s Cotswold), Wednesday, Joe Oldaker, 02476 372276

Anstey Royale Chalfont

(Ladies’ NW Clog),Tuesday 7.30pm, Gwyn Fraser, 07505338003,


(Mixed Border Morris), Thursdays at the Shakespeare in Braunstone, Emma Johnson, 07977401716,

Bare Bones

(Ladies’ Border Morris), Wednesdays, Maggie Johnston, 01509 880866

Black Annis

(Women’s Cotswold), Thursdays, Lynn Goodall, 0116 2433273

Charnwood Clog

(Step Dancing - mostly from the British isles), practice nights Mondays; available for workshops, displays, illustrated talks; new members very welcome; Tessa de Ville,
01509 852189;


(Rapper Sword Dancing), Sundays, Emeline Prue, 07894275531

Dancing with Darcy

(Regency, costumed display); team of 6 - 10 dancers in full Regency costume; Melanie Wilson, 0116 2604442;

Everards Original Anstey Morrismen

(Men’s Cotswold), Wednesdays, Robert Crosby, 0116 2606272

Hinckley Bullockers

(Men’s Molly Dancing), Tuesdays, Tony Ashley, 01455 239690

Jerusalem Jammers

(Ladies’ Garland/Step), Saturdays, Sue Crockett, 01455 458107;

Leicester Morrismen

(Men’s Cotswold/Border), Wednesdays, Charlie Corcoran, 0116 2675654;

Leicestershire Victorian Dancers

(Victorian, costumed display); team of 8 - 10 dancers in full Victorian costume; Melanie Wilson, 0116 2604442;

Man Friday Morris

(Men’s Cotswold), Mondays, Ian Hubbard, 0116 2209133

Maypole Enquiries

Patsy Paterson, 0116 2776259

Packington Morrismen

(Men’s Cotswold), Wednesdays, Dave Johns, 011530 270494;

Pennyroyal Garland Dancers

(Ladies’ Garland/Step), Wednesdays 8-9.30, St. Lawrence Church Hall, Measham, DE127HZ, Janet  01283 761926;

Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society - Leicester Branch

(Scottish Country Dancing), Gill Mouncer 0116 2713717

Rutland Morrismen

(Men’s Cotswold), Mondays, Mark Oxley, 01572 822334


(Mixed Elizabethan/Renaissance), Thursdays, Chris Stokoe, 02476 387524

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